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Thank you for visiting my portfolio! I am excited to share my experiences with you. I have been working toward a shift in my career. I have spent over 28 years working in a conservation and education environment. Now, I want to utilize my current business expertise and my newly acquired skills in data science to have a greater impact on organizational goals.

I recently completed a Certificate in Applied Data Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). I have always been intrigued by data science and Excel has always been my favorite tool. I love finding trends in data and have previously done that with program evaluation results, sales results, and program participant details. I take those trends and plan marketing strategies, determining audiences, and improving programmatic impact.

Through my education with MIT, I have had the opportunity to practice using python for projects like photo classification, marketing campaign analysis, customer segmentation, air and environmental quality, movie recommendations, and more. I'm naturally curious and intrinsically motivated, so rifling through data to make sense of it is really fun (yes, really!). Now, with the experiences I've had in the MIT program, I enjoy writing code and the educator in me gets excited to share what I've discovered. I have presented for years and truly enjoy talking to people and translating science as needed for the layperson. 

I will work hard to continue learning and building my python and analysis skills. I hope I am someone you would consider for a current opportunity! 

My Resume

Graison Resume DS 6-13-23.pdf