About Me

As a child, I grew up outdoors. I spent all my time playing in the ocean, camping, and bringing home every single animal I could find. This is what led to my love of nature and conservation. I was lucky enough to be able to spend the bulk of career, so far, working in conservation, education, and nonprofit leadership.  

I am a passionate wildlife enthusiast and nature advocate with extensive experience in program management, community engagement, evaluation, and strategic partnerships. I am committed to advocating for wildlife and green space while fostering awareness and appreciation for the world's diverse ecosystems. 

I am an educator with years of experience teaching all ages from two years old through seniors. I love getting others engaged in wildlife conservation, being outdoors, and caring for our own backyards. I love to incorporate play, STEM, and stewardship behaviors into programs to show how easy it is to do our part in protecting our the world we get to live in. After programs, I enjoy gathering data to analyze program effectiveness and impact.

I have loved learning all aspects of instructional design. I am a tech-nerd, and learning the different tools is so fun. I love creating in Articulate tools, creating animations in Vyond, and creating videos with Camtasia. I love seeing an online program come together and finding that users are learning. I really like creating evaluations and learning from the results to make programs even better. 

I love being a part of an effective team, working through challenges together, finding greater meaning in our work. I have led teams of several sizes and I believe as a leader, being a great leader is a privilege. I love being able to brag about the team I get to work with and helping others grow in their careers. I look forward to expanding my experience with another fulfilling work experience.

Personally, my favorite things are hanging with my girl, playing with our pets, reading, movies, Harry Potter anything, Florida gators, science, biking, and being outside, especially at the beach!